Common Queries

UPSers is an online personnel management portal specially launched for employees of the UPS logistics company. The company is one of the largest parcel delivery networks in the United States. This online portal is so definite that you only have access to your employees and exclusive vendors who work with the company. No other person outside the company can access the online portal.


How long does it take for UPSers to deliver the package?

We have provided a calculator to calculate the approximate time by which your parcel will be delivered. You can use the same to know the approximate time of the delivery of your package.

I am being displayed a message “On The Way”. What does this message mean?

It simply means that your parcel is with and you need not worry about the same. It will be delivered as soon as possible without any sort of damage.

It has been a couple of days since my parcel has been dispatched but still, I haven’t got the same. What should I do now?

Sometimes the package is delivered before 8 p.m. In the case of holidays, the UPSer order will be delivered the next business day. Thus, please be patient, your parcel will be delivered within a very short span of time.

Is it safe for all employees to register on the official UPSers Login portal?

Yes. The UPS company ensures that the UPSers online portal is extremely safe for each and every registered user.

Where do I register my UPSers account?

You can register for this official portal at the website address

Is it necessary for me to register on the UPSers Login portal?

Yes. To avail of the services offered by the online portal, you need to register on the official UPSer portal.